15 quotes in Swenglish

1.    ‘Juice’ is a difficult word for Swedes. Bert and Ulla were having drinks in a bar in New York. Bert went over to the bar and placed his order: I’d like a double vodka and tonic and do you have any use for my wife?

2.    Lars and Ronny were dining at a restaurant in London. The waiter came to take their order. I’ll have a bloody steak, said Ronny. ‘And how would you like your f****** potatoes?’ asked the waiter.


Normal Swedes

Colin Moon
Böckerna får omvärlden att förstå svenskarna bättre. 98,8% av världens befolkning behöver veta lite mer om detta folk som anser sig vara högst ’normala’.
Colin Moon

Are Swedes really that normal?

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